Featured Case Study:

The Collingwood Football Club puts its customers first in 2015 with MemberHQ and Quickbuy™

Learn how activating MemberHQ’s Quickbuy™ Payments extension can help increase online conversion, reduce drain on your call centre and create happier online customers.


  • 15% reduction in call centre strain
  • Over 50% of memberships now issued online
  • Customer experience now meets world standards


Surface Digital began working with the Collingwood Football Club in 2008. At that time Australia's most iconic sporting brand was selling negligable numbers of membership online.

The first project involved designing and developing a brand new website dedicated to engaging renewing and potential members with the clubs' 150 odd membership package variations. Not a small challenge. Within 18 months of launch online membership sales were heading toward 30% of total membership sales and MemberHQ was born.

Quickbuy™ payments:

In 2014, Surface Digital released the first version of the MemberHQ Quickbuy™ payment workflow for Collingwood.

Previously, paying for or renewing an AFL club membership had been the number one frustration for fans across the country. Typically members were taken through a standardised but complex multi-step payment process. At Collingwood FC, this resulted in an abandonment rate of around 20%, as well as phone queues of 20-30 disgruntled members at a time.

Quickbuy™ includes SMS notifications for renewing members, allowing them to click directly through to a secure mobile optimised payment page that is pre-populated with all their personal details and current membership product information without the need to remember a username or password.


In additon to Quickbuy™, Collingwood use a number of other MemberHQ extensions, including the MemberHQ Shop, SMS and Bespoke pro extensions.

Recently a web application was developed for installation onto kiosk-mounted iPads for an open day. The App was integrated into MemberHQ and Quickbuy™ to allow secure capture of registration data.


The Collingwood Football Club would not partner with anyone unless we thought they were the best. Surface Digital has definitely shown us that they are.

Chris Kearon

Collingwood FC