MemberCRM - Add a new Membership or Category

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To set up a new membership go to CRM/Categories or CRM/Memberships.

Set your membership name and description.

The menu on the right lets you:

  • Open to the public - This lets you launch a membership that isn't available to purchase yet.
  • Specify a cut-off date - This lets you set a date when the membership will stop selling.
  • Hidden - This lets you have memberships that need a direct link to be accessed.
  • Image - Add a feature image to the top of the membership page and to the membership list page if you have an image in your page designs.

Select if your membership is aimed at individuals or a group membership. A group membership is for memberships that you have corporations or businesses or whole teams joining.

Next set where new members and registration notifications will go. You can set multiple emails to be notified when you get a new member. This is handy if you have a membership person who needs to process their details and a finance person who needs to see new members come in too.

You can also set what the new member will get when they register. They will automatically get a receipt but here is where you can add a special thanks for joining message to be sent along with the receipt.

Press SAVE.

Next see how to Add Pricing Levels.

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