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MemberHQ features an inbuilt form builder. Form Builder lets you create forms on your site, connect them to MemberCRM and export all the details.

To create a new form go to Content/Form Builder

Click New Form Builder

This then lets you add your form details. Click Add a Field to add form questions and options.

Form Builder lets you add different types of inputs based on your question.
The options are:

Text - For questions that will have a single line of text as a response. Ie First Name.
Multiline Text - For questions that need more space for longer answers.
Email - Add an email address.
Address - To add an address field with Street, Suburb, State and Postcode.
Date - Add a date selector box, useful for date of birth questions.
Checkbox - Add a checkbox where users can tick to select. Useful for terms and conditions.
Dropdown - Add a dropdown box where users can select from a couple of options.
Heading - Lets you add a heading to the form so you can title form sections.
Instructions - Lets you add some text instructions to the form with no question attached.
Line Separator - Adds a line into the form so you can break questions into sections visually.
Image - Lets you add the option for the user to attached an image to a form in jpg, gif, or png formats.

To set if a question needs to be answered you can select Optional or Required.

To set the width of the question, i.e. form fields are set to be full width on your page as default. But you can choose to show more than one question on one line such as First Name, Last Name by setting the widths of the questions.

Once you have your questions in you can set what success messages a user sees when they submit a form. Here is where you can also set a message to email to the user after they have submitted a form. You can also set if you'd like each form submission to be emailed to your email.

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