MemberCRM - Change What Contacts are Called

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| Published Today

Do you have members and memberships? Contacts and Categories? You can customise common terms in MemberHQ to be called what you need them to be called.

In the admin area go to Settings/Terms:

Here you can easily change the language used around contacts and memberships.

Memberships are the overarching categories that you assign people to. They can be called anything that makes sense to you, we suggest using something like memberships, categories, packages or contact types.

Members are what you call people added to the site. Are they members, contacts, or players?

Member interactions
are used in notes and define what you call a interaction of substance.

Registration forms is the name you give to the sign up forms.

Individuals are what you call single people in the system.

Groups are what you call multiple people in the system. Ie Organisations, businesses, teams. These have a different template form than individuals.

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