MemberCRM - Add a Note to a Contact

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| Published Today

Notes let you keep track of the extra interactions you have with a contact. For example if they call, or attend an event and make an interesting comment to you. It's a way to share that knowledge with the rest of your team. So when they are on the phone to the contact they can see you discussed an issue with them already.

To add a note go to the admin area and CRM/Contacts and search the person's name you'd like to add a note to.

In the contact navigate to Notes in the tabs on the right:

Then click Add a new note, type your note in the area, and press Save notes.

Your note will be saved and you can see who created the note and when. You can also choose to mark the note as a Significant Interaction. This means you can add more in-depth notes and interactions as well as quick notes.

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