Mighty Sports Membership Myths #2: Your members are also your biggest supporters. Umm, not always.

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Matt Arthur | Published Today

In the second of our series on sports membership myths we look at the reality that members may not always be supporters.

Tell me I’m dreaming if you want, but I believe this is an area of largely unexplored potential.

Recently at the Hawthorn v Carlton game in Tasmania we saw a Carlton supporter propose to his Hawthorn-supporting fiancé in the middle of the oval. It was a touching moment – and one we need to give closer attention.

One of things Australian sport is renowned for around the world is fans in both teams’ colours sitting together, on purpose, in general admission areas. That’s because Roosters supporters marry Tigers supporters, Silver Fern supporters marry Diamond supporters, and supporters, of course, have friends and family who support other clubs.

It’s easy in this world of passionate club membership to classify all members as supporters. It’s not true, but figures to support it are hard to find. Still, in terms of membership, we need to be asking what we can do to make it easier for families, friends and partners to attend games together.

Is it time for something radical like connected memberships?


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