Creating and editing packages

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| Published Thu Jan 7 2016

You can't have members, without packages! With MemberHQ you can create as many packages as you need, each of these with customisable pricing options.

If you aren't using MemberHQ's Quickbuy payments, a URL can be provided with each pricing option linking to your payment gateway (e.g. Ticketmaster, Ticketek).

Packages can also be added to a package filter that shows on the package page. You can select more than one by using control and clicking each option you want the package to appear under. For example if you had these filters you could add a package to Reserved Seating, Youth and Country.

Default pricing sets the price that appears on the packages page.

Where to find it
Admin area/Package Manager/Packages

Things to note
Hidden packages will not be shown with the rest of your packages, but can still be accessed using their direct URL.

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